Meet the Team

Nice as Pi is a brand-new endeavour, and therefore our team is definitely on the “small-but-mighty” side. As the company grows, the team will grow, but as of right now, Nice as Pi is effectively one man, dreaming big…

David Bullivant  |  Founder & Creative Director

David Bullivant


My name’s David, and I’m the founder of Greenwich-based web design studio, Nice as Pi. I’m also the chief designer, copywriter, programmer, salesperson, tech support agent, tea maker (and drinker). With over fifteen years of experience in website development, graphic design, professional photography, and creative writing – I’ve always been one of those people who never sits still, and is always looking for new and exciting ways to create.


I’ve worked as both a freelancer and as an employee over the years, but Nice as Pi came about because of my ever-present distaste for the entire concept of “big” business. Small businesses, I’ve always felt, are what businesses should be: individuals and smaller, more focussed collectives offering their talents and skill-sets to the community, and in doing so, becoming an appreciated and valuable part of the very fabric of that community.


I wanted to bring my own skills to the table and offer something I’ve always believed that every small business should employ in order to help it to be the very best possible version of itself: a solidly built and beautifully designed website solution; one that’s fully managed, locally (or at least within the same time zone), to relieve the burden of maintaining a web presence from a small business owner, and enabling them to get on with running the business they love.


Outside of my working life, it’s all about travel, exploration, and adventures. I’m a keen hiker, climber, and cyclist, and I enjoy burying my nose in a book, or engrossing myself in a good story-driven video game every once in a while, although I do endeavour to unplug and meditate when I can.